Bitcoin exchange Bitlish cuts card fees and gets rid of lengthy verification

Bitlish, a UK-registered bitcoin exchange has announced today that users no longer need to go through the process of uploading their photos with a credit card in hand plus be forced to wait one working day to put funds into their accounts by card anymore. Users can now just go and top up their balance instantly by card. Bitlish says this was made possible because of new partnerships.

Furthermore, the exchange has also slashed the fee for Visa and Mastercard deposits from 5% to 3.5%, which is a 30% savings on that commission. Bitlish now has one of the lowest credit card transaction fees in the crypto-world.

Bitlish users can deposit their bitcoin or fiat currency (USD, EUR, RUB) and match any of the orders on the site or create their own.

New card fees:

Order fees Anonymous Verified user
  Taker 0.3%

Maker 0%

Taker 0.2%

Maker 0%



Deposit 3.5% USD

3.5% RUB

3.5% EUR

25 USD

250 RUB

25 EUR

5000 USD

150000 RUB

5000 EUR

25000 USD/1500000 RUB/23000 EUR per month

2000 USD/350000 RUB/1500 EUR per day

  Withdraw 2.5% + 5 USD

3% + 50 RUB

2.5% + 5 EUR

25 USD

25 RUB

25 EUR

2000 USD

75000 RUB

2000 EUR

5000 USD/350000 RUB/4500 EUR per day

25000 USD/1500000 RUB/23000 EUR per month