OKCoin to open Bitcoin Gold chain split token trading

OKCoin, the Hong Kong-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange has announced that in response from high demand from its users to speculate on the potential chain-split token Bitcoin Gold (BTG), the company decided to open a trading market of BTG/BTC at 18:00 on Oct 26, 2017 (Beijing Time).

With reference to the BTG protocol, the main chain split of BTG (Bitcoin Gold) from BTC (Bitcoin) occurred at block height 491407. Considering BTG is still in its pre-mining stage, it is still unclear when the mining of BTG would be made available to the public.

If the BTG hardfork is unable to create further blocks and/or BTG does not provide sufficient safety measurement to users, OKCoin would cease supporting BTG, trading will be removed and BTG will be valued at zero. In addition, BTG withdrawals and deposits will also be suspended.

Since the details of BTG is still highly uncertain, investor discretion on this product is advised. From when the genesis block of BTG is created and its technological aspect are thoroughly reviewed and tested by the public, OKCoin would activate the deposit and withdrawal of BTG.

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