ANX International partners with QUOINE on new LIQUID platform

QUOINE, the Singapore based crypto exchange and fintech company and ANX PRO under ANX International, a Hong Kong based technology company that provides solutions based on blockchain technology formally announced that they will work together on QUOINE’s soon to launch global liquidity platform, LIQUID.

This is the second announced partnership for QUOINE’s new project, the first was announced a couple of weeks ago when Bitfinex announced they would participate. Mike Kayamori, CEO and Co-Founder of QUOINE said, “The QUOINE LIQUID platform will benefit greatly from their input and involvement.”

Ken Lo, Co-founder & CEO of ANX International

Speaking about the engagement, Ken Lo, CEO of ANX International said:

“There is a fundamental shift taking place in the industry in terms of popularity and acceptance by the mass market. However, much of the institutional infrastructure is lagging behind in terms of value and investment. We believe that greater transparency and integration will further strengthen the sustainable growth of the crypto economy, and we are happy to support any move in that regard.”

As the token market grows, the need for tokens and crypto assets to get listed in liquid markets is of huge importance to the success or failure of these new projects. QUOINE LIQUID aims to provide a platform for these new tokens to gain access to much needed liquidity.

QUOINE will be the first licensed global cryptocurrency company in Japan to launch an ICO internationally, and aims to build a global liquidity platform based on shared order books for centralized exchanges.