CEO Angelo Melis ready to startup blockchain logistics portal Local World Forwarders

Local World Forwarders (LWF) was born from the idea (similar to Uber), to facilitate a drastic reduction in shipping costs and to manage logistics and parcel management through P2P (peer to peer). In addition to this, the company decided to pay attention to the needs of the emerging economies (think Brazil, Russia, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, Korea, etc.). Due to the limited logistical possibilities and/or the distrust of current operators to ship to their countries, it can be very challenging for them to get the goods delivered.

LWF services include:

LWF CEO Angelo Melis on the excitement of the process of starting up the platform:

Why an ICO and not a traditional fundraiser?
“This is a very interesting question. The ICO is free from bureaucratic constraints and from the heavy probative documentation, which is required by the classical investors. It is instead rich in investors, who believe in your idea and support you morally and economically. Our token owner of LWF is a way to promote the platform and to distribute our company’s profits to anyone who believes in it.”

What role do you play in addition to that of intermediaries? Who guarantees the security of user shipments?
“The role of LWF is to ensure a fair platform that can provide tools to “P2P forwarders” and, above all, to ensure honesty and security for shippers and receivers. We have an effective and secure escrow system and an insurance fund that will repay any fraud detected by our anti-fraud department. It is also very important to mention that the insurance fund is fed “on its own” thanks to the securities that the shippers give and also small fees collected in the brokering by the platform itself. We also have proprietary services such as internal logistics and mobile application that will enable us to have a service, which will be comparable, in terms of performance and functionality to UberRUSH in Europe.”

What do investors earn? Is it the usual “buy and sell as fast as you can?”
“Absolutely not. What we definitely don’t want is to be the classic ICO “Take-and-run”. We promised ourselves to carry out the project with all of our strength and with the spirit that characterized the birth of a company from which we take a strong hint: Uber. 50% of all our profits will be guaranteed monthly to all Token holders fairly, through the dividend sharing functionality of our ERC20 smart contract that makes up the Token LWF. There is no prohibition for users to resell tokens right away, but since there are guaranteed dividends and numerous advantages (described in the whitepaper) in owning our Tokens, we think it’s a great investment both short and long time.”

Is the token sale scheduled to start on time? How many tokens? And how much do they cost?
“I can’t sleep at night thinking about how to do everything. We want to change the idea of logistics, making P2P the real logistics engine, which, at the moment is already relying on 88% to third parties, who re-deliver the package to global companies (DHL, UPS, FedEx etc.) charging a lot in commissions to unknown clients. To be able to generate revenue for ordinary people, and to be able to carry on such a project is enough to make us euphoric and happy. It will start on October 23rd presale, 40% bonus on each received tokens and will end on December 15th with the ICO closure. Each token will be sold at $ 1 and the current supply is 30,000,000. Unsold tokens will be destroyed and, based on sales, tokens for teams and bounty will be re-proportioned.”

Presale – to begin October 23rd 10:00 GMT
Public token sale – to begin November 10th 09:00 GMT

The LWF project is based on a simple yet complex idea, aimed at decentralized logistics, where anyone can be a user or a service provider. LWF is a multi-service logistics platform with an efficient information system that uses integrated blockchain technology, to provide excellent answers to the logistics service shortcomings the industry is currently facing, especially in emerging countries, at the same time setting up profit opportunities for both investors and users.

Any user in the world can register to be a forwarder via the LWF portal and earn extra income every month just by collecting and forwarding parcels. LWF’s existing partnerships with established logistics providers, and an initial internal network of forwarders and collection centers that are already operational and aim to ensure competitive rates and quality of services from the start.

To learn more download the LWF whitepaper.

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