OpenLedger launches new site with more guides and tutorials

OpenLedger ApS, the world’s first decentralised blockchain conglomerate, invites everyone to explore its new website. Rocking a new design, the new site offers a richer insight to OpenLedger’s wide-range of solutions, many how-to guides including video tutorials, and a blog to keep up-to-date with the company’s doings.

With user experience in mind, the new refined design of the website represents the brand of OpenLedger and has improved navigation and functionality, allowing visitors to easily learn about OpenLedger without having to aimlessly wander around the website.

The new website is home to OpenLedger and to all its different platforms. Having a dedicated page to the list all of its solutions, the new site allows convenient navigation between all of the platforms, giving visitors the ability to easily learn more about each one of them.

For people who are new to the blockchain and OpenLedger, the site has put strong emphasis on how-to guides, FAQs and video tutorials to give newcomers the opportunity to learn more about the topic of OpenLedger and the blockchain. Having a page for breaking news and a dedicated blog, the site offers detailed insight about the latest ITOs/ICOs and gives visitors first-hand information about special offers and updates regarding OpenLedger.

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, is very happy about the latest upgrade:

“The marketing team, led by Aviva Ounap, is already working on Phase Two of the site where even more emphasis on video and graphics will allow users of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to find all of the latest news and access our services with ease.”