Coinbase announces instant bitcoin, ETH and LTC purchases with US banks

Coinbase, the San Francisco headquartered bitcoin and crypto exchange announced today the ability for customers to now instantly purchase digital currency using a US bank account. Previously, customers who purchased using a bank account had to wait several days before receiving their coins.

Customers can now buy up to $25,000 and receive access to their digital currency immediately. Note that the maximum instant purchase limit is $25,000 but individual limits may vary. Instant purchases make it significantly easier and quicker for customers to invest in the digital currency ecosystem. The team said that reducing the time for users to receive their bitcoin, ether, litecoin has been a highly requested feature.

Instant bank purchases are already live for many customers in the US, with Coinbase stating they will expand availability to other countries over the coming months. Users will receive an email when instant purchases become available for their account.

Coinbase is continually improving, last month they added ether and litecoin vaults, for more enhanced long term holdings of ETH and LTC.

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