LoanBit introduces online bitcoin lending platform

LoanBit Proprietary Limited has announced the launch of LoanBit, designed to provide SMEs access to bitcoin capital at affordable rates from lenders worldwide. LoanBit is an initiative serving as a platform for persons that want to have bitcoin investments without the stress of watching the market. LoanBit provides a platform where the world’s most popular cryptocurrency can be lent and borrowed at affordable rates by anyone, especially small businesses across the globe.

Bitcoin and other such digital currencies have changed the way business is done and while some keep the digital currency as a store of value considering its prospects, others use it in transacting business on a daily basis. Regardless of the reason for needing bitcoin, one can never have enough of the cryptocurrency and that is where platforms like LoanBit come in particularly helpful.

The blockchain-based platform is designed to ensure that small businesses, who have had systematic and disproportionately limited access to capital, despite being the majority, can fund and subsequently expand their businesses. The decentralization of cryptocurrency and the security of the system help to ensure that borrowers and lenders are immune of the many internet frauds.

The platform is designed to bridge the gap between businesses in need of short-term funds to support their activities and for bitcoin users that are looking for an opportunity to earn from their holdings. One of the features and benefits of LoanBit is its higher profitability, as the platform’s faster customer acquisition and cost-efficient lending services lead to higher origination volumes and increased profits.

Investors also enjoy advanced credit risk models, with proven expertise in building credit models, helping to achieve better performance of the loan portfolio. Other features of LoanBit include white-labeling, providing a highly configurable and flexible platform that seamlessly integrates into users’ online presence. The process of lending from LoanBit is quick and easy, with loan applicants getting responses between two and three business days, thanks to the system’s fast loan approval system.

About LoanBit

LoanBit is an online Bitcoin lending platform created by Australian-based business, LoanBit Proprietary Limited. The platform is created to allow businesses in need of funds to finance the operations of the business activities get access to these funds easily while ensuring users of Bitcoin that want to invest their digital currency get good returns on their investment.

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