Japan’s bitFlyer launches Visa prepaid Bitcoin card

After receiving the Japan bitcoin exchange license, bitFlyer, the largest bitcoin exchange in Japan announced Friday the launch its Yen denominated Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card. From October 6th, customers were able to apply for the card.

For this card, there is no sign-up fee as well as no annual fee according to the bitFlyer website. A customer can reload that card from Bitflyer account online or use the bitFlyer mobile app. The balance will display in Japanese Yen.

The monthly reload limit is 1,20,000 Yen and the per load limit is 30,000 Yen. The lifetime load limit per card is around 1 million Yen.

In the very near future, US bitcoin users should be on the lookout as the company announced a couple months ago they would be establishing an office in San Francisco for the US market.

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