EthBits officially launches P2P cryptocurrency exchange

EthBits, a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange, is now fully live offering trades throughout the UK, France, South America and Nigeria. The platform includes payment via cryptocurrency, bank account transfers, and cash trades.

Ethbits is gaining popularity from users through its low transaction fees of 0.5% whilst also offering exchange via ETH and its own in-house token ETBS as well as bitcoin. The next coins expected to be available are Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC) which focus on user privacy.

EthBits raised 13,786 ETH (worth $1.3 million at the time) from 820 investors in its crowdsale and has distributed 1.3 million ETBS tokens.

Matthew Radbourne, marketing manager of EthBits explained more:

“We’re very pleased that BCB ATM have agreed to make EthBits available through their network of ATMs. As cryptocurrency goes mainstream, there will be an ever-greater demand for convenient solutions such as ours.”

“The research shows that traditional cash and cashpoints aren’t going out of fashion any time soon. If we want people to use cryptocurrency, we need to start offering them solutions that are already familiar to them”

ETBS, the local currency of EthBits has recently been enhanced to reward token holders based upon the profit from the platform and also has a token burn function which will be utilized in the coming months based on the amount of profit generated through the platforms. 132 ETH was distributed to token holders in August with a further payment expected in January 2018.