QUOINE to launch LIQUID for single globally-sourced crypto trading

QUOINE Corp. which received the Japan bitcoin exchange license last week has already announced a new service called LIQUID to provide a global liquidity platform for all crypto investors and token issuers.

The service will go alongside QUOINE Corp.’s bitcoin exchange QUOINEX and crypto to crypto exchange QRYPTOS.

The company is launching an ICO to start-up the service, the token QASH will go on sale this month.

QUOINE is targeting a contribution of 500,000 ETH to build liquidity; to fund product development, operations, legal and compliance requirements.

Underpinning QUOINE LIQUID’s ‘World Book’ are three technologies that are already used extensively by QUOINE daily, powering the existing QUOINEX and QRYPTOS trading platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges:

QUOINE LIQUID’s Prime Brokerage is comprised by a suite of services that will provide users with tools to reduce counterparty risk and increase ROI. Prime Brokerage includes Direct Market Access, Fiat Management, and Credit Facilities as its core offerings:

Mike Kayamori, QUOINE Co-Founder, CEO

Mike Kayamori, CEO, and Co-founder of QUOINE stated:

“Ever since we founded QUOINE in 2014, we have observed one very important element that has limited the growth of the worldwide crypto token economy, and that is liquidity. Liquidity is the lifeblood of any industry, and with new crypto tokens hitting the market every day, the lack of liquidity is becoming a significant problem. In traditional finance, companies such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch provide liquidity, but there is nobody providing liquidity at scale in the crypto world today.

“This is the problem we are solving. Our solution is QUOINE LIQUID: a single globally-sourced trading platform (World Book) with an associated suite of services (Prime Brokerage). Ultimately, QUOINE LIQUID is building a financial utility – a platform that the entire crypto-economy will benefit from and where people can participate in as both users and token holders.”

“With the rapid evolution of fintech and the need for more secure crypto tokens to power next-generation blockchain-based financial services, we foresee QASH becoming the Bitcoin or Ethereum for financial services; one of the top 3 – 5 crypto tokens by market capitalization in a couple of years.”

For security reasons, all QASH Token Sale participants are required to register for a QRYPTOS account. As part of the registration process, a digital KYC process and 2-factor authentication are required for their account. Upon account verification via email, participants can then login and fund their accounts securely to buy QASH tokens.

During the Token Sale period, all QASH tokens can only be purchased with a QRYPTOS account. This is to prevent any security breaches from scammers and hackers.

The QASH token can be used for all services provided by the QUOINE LIQUID platform, QUOINEX, and QRYPTOS. In addition, QUOINE is in discussions with multiple financial services and fintech partners to make QASH their token of choice.

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