Bitcoin ETN issuer XBT Provider now part of the Coinshares Group

The Board of Directors of XBT Provider, a Sweedish issuer of bitcoin ETN’s announced this week that on September 25, 2017, ownership of all of the issued shares in the capital of the company was acquired by CoinShares Limited, a company incorporated in Jersey, the Channel Islands which is the holding company of the CoinShares group. Global Advisors Limited, which is the sole member in the former owner of the issuer (XBT Partner AB) owns three-quarters of the shares in the capital of CoinShares.

The board of CoinShares stated they’re delighted that XBT Provider is now a part of the CoinShares family, a move designed to allow a wide range of investors to grow with the CoinShares brand during a period in which the crypto-asset space continues to mature.

Laurent Kssis, MD of XBT Provider AB

Laurent Kssis, Managing Director of XBT Provider AB, now a CoinShares company said:

“As a Group, we are very excited to join the CoinShares brand, which currently represents the most diverse family of crypto-asset investment vehicles available. As the first bitcoin-tracking, exchange-traded notes in the world, we believe CoinShares, a family of pioneering crypto-asset products backed by a team with deep financial markets’ experience, is the perfect home for XBT Provider.”

“The CoinShares team has an ambitious road-map which we believe aligns perfectly with our goals as an issuer and we look forward to continuing our mission together, to bring crypto-asset exposure to a wider range of investors.”

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