Cryptocurrency supported payment/credit service ESR Wallet begins token sale

ESR Wallet, an e-wallet company, currently operating with fiat currencies today began its token pre-sale. The project aims to create universal payment and credit service that will support all currencies, digital and fiat alike. The pre-sale of ESR Tokens will end on October 2nd.

Storing money digitally has been possible for a while now with applications such as PayPal or Venmo, but there are still a lot of limitations in today’s platforms. Some of the limitation ESR is looking to address occurs when sending money abroad or in another currency there is always a hidden fee here or there, delays when transferring to another account, and no easy cash-back options. The problem is even more evident when it comes to cryptocurrency support.

ESR is an e-wallet technology that allows everyday people to easily store, transfer, spend, and invest into cryptocurrencies.


Starting with the mission to enable users to spend cryptocurrencies wherever cards are accepted – both online and in-store, the platform will supply physical cards, just like VISA or MasterCard available. Soon after, customers will be able to exchange their cryptocurrencies to 8 major currencies. All while enjoying the ability to use the ESR prepaid card in over 120 countries. Other features include the instant exchange of money between wallet users – through the app.

ESR Wallet founded by Sergey Slastikhin, former co-owner of Paytoo, an e-Money company that has been working in the USA since 2005. He joins forces with talents such as Oleg Gerasimov, Arkady Khokhlov, and Vitalii Kirillov –founders of the IT company Fast and Shine featured on Forbes’ Top TOP-25 of the best franchises. The company implements IT
solutions in the service sector.

ESR Wallet takes it even further… At the last and most exciting phase, the platform will allow users the possibility of using cryptocurrency based credit cards, cash back features, and the ability to open an investment portfolio managed by an experienced trader. The last phase — Trust Management fund, will be fully in place by August 2018.


ESR token is released on the basis of an e-Token contract. The platform has set the maximum number of tokens at 10,000,000 and all the unsold tokens are burnt after the crowdsale. You can participate in the token pre-sale via the Orderbook widget starting today.

Each ESR Token equals 10 dollars, and the minimum investment is set at 1 ESR Token. Every investor who has bought more than 10 ESR token during Pre-ICO and ICO period will receive a free of charge personalized multi-currency prepaid card. The ESR tokens are available at a 50% discount during the Pre-ICO period.

According to the company whitepaper, “at the end of each quarter 30% of profits from the payment and credit service is transferred to specialized wallets, after which BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC will be distributed among ESR token-holders as per the terms and conditions of the smart contract.  Profit gained in USD and EUR will be converted at ESR Wallet market price as of the date of distribution of dividends in ETH and transferred to the relevant wallet.”

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