Blockchain powered video hosting platform TOP announces crowdsale

TOP, the world’s first decentralized video hosting using blockchain technology this week will be commencing a token sale on September 23, 2017, 14:00 UTC to conclude on October 23, 2017.

The mission of TOP is the creation of decentralized video hosting, which is not liable to strict censorship by governments, is easy to use and fair to authors, advertisers, and ordinary users.

The token sale will be executed on an Ethereum smart contract. The company will raise funds for decentralized video hosting which will significantly increase the revenue for video authors, and will also pay TOP tokens for users for watching videos.

TOP COO, Alex Litman

COO of TOP Alex Litman said:

“The global video industry is growing, generating billions of revenue for authors, advertisers, and YouTube video hosting. Despite this, the current bureaucratic system largely underestimates the authors’ incomes. Bloggers are forced to rely on the monopolized YouTube platform, which pays significantly less than it could. Large channels that rely on direct cooperation with advertisers can accept this, but small channels are not able to survive on this tiny stream of revenue. This really is a big problem”

The company will issue TOP tokens, that grants cryptocurrency startup teams and experts access to the platform’s advanced technical tools and features.

To maximize the implementation of this project, the development team has installed a hard cap of 150,000 ETH and soft cap of 15,000 ETH. The team will have a 3-year schedule of accruals, distributed every 6 months. That is, the team will receive 1/6 of their tokens every half a year.

CFO of TOP Bohdan Kozhevnikov said:

“Our team think that the amount of hard cap is financially justified. Purchase of expensive equipment, marketing, and PR and also remuneration of labor and legal services will enable to launch video hosting in the shortest possible time and with 100% efficiency.”

What problem does the TOP resolve?

Video hosting TOP resolves the problem of monopolization video industry. Currently, the authors of the video are forced to rely on the YouTube platform, which underestimates revenue. Little channels don’t have a profit, while big channels turn a blind eye to monetization and directly cooperate with advertisers. The purpose of TOP is to increase the income of authors without depriving bloggers of direct cooperation. The platform also intends to automate payments, thereby making an absolutely decentralized platform.

The official launch of the finished version is planned for the end of 2017.

Investors can participate in the crowdsale commencing September 23, 2017, 14:00 UTC with Ethereum (ETH). TOP tokens are intended to be traded on major exchanges.

Distribution of tokens:

• 70% of TOP tokens will be distributed to investors of crowdsale
• 20% will be distributed to team members and partners
• 10% for bounty campaign

Where will the collected funds to go?

• 40% – equipment
• 20% – development
• 20% – marketing
• 12% – salary
• 8% – legal

So video hosting TOP is an interesting project not only for investors but also for ordinary users.

For more information see the company website and whitepaper.