Bitcoin luxury goods shop BitPremier closing down

BitPremier, a bitcoin marketplace founded in 2013 which provides unique, high-end luxury items and opportunities to buyers in the Bitcoin community has announced they will be closing their site, effective immediately.

BitPremier was backed by the NYC-based Digital Currency Group.

The BitPremier team told clients last night:

After four years serving the Bitcoin community, we have made the decision to move on to other ventures. Thank you for your trust and confidence, and for offering up exciting luxury items and experiences for us to show off to Bitcoiners around the world. We hope that every Bitcoiner now aspires to someday purchase that Ferrari or Rolex with bitcoins!”

Hopefully, we added some fun and intrigue to your Bitcoin journeys.

Thank you!

How the service worked:

BitPremier’s mission was to provide buyers in the Bitcoin community with access to unique, high-end luxury items and opportunities. Homepage featured above.
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