CoinCheck enables bitcoin settlement for Japanese crowdfund platform CAMPFIRE

Japan crypto exchange Coincheck brings BTC settlement to crowdfund platform CAMPFIRE

Tokyo-based CoinCheck, Inc. a provider of bitcoin exchange and payment services announced today they will introduce bitcoin settlement to fellow Japan-based crowdfunding platform CAMPFIRE starting on September 17th.

By making it possible to use bitcoins for settlement when supporting projects with CAMPFIRE, it allows projects to expand their reach of getting funds to a new user base and also allows more possibilities for everyone to use bitcoin.

Founded in 2011, CAMPFIRE so far has published more than 8,000 projects and the total number of supporters for the projects is approximately 300,000 people, distribution amount has reached a total of 3.2 billion yen.

With the introduction of bitcoin settlement, it will be possible to easily support high-priced funding goals that were more difficult with credit cards and overseas support.

CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President, Kazuyuki Inori said:

“The introduction of bitcoin settlement is considered a step to establish an environment where virtual currency can be used more easily and closely.”

CAMPFIRE encourages various individuals, creators, enterprises, NPOs, universities, local administration, etc. as a mission to “fund procurement democratization” to meet all their financial needs.