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Centra to bring cryptocurrency closer to real world use and adoption

Centra is creating a worldwide account for clients to manage their assets and funds.

Available to US residents and users worldwide, Centra Card from a Miami Beach based startup Centra Tech has been designed to connect the bridge between real-world commerce and cryptocurrency.

With the Centra Wallet and the Centra Card, users will be able to securely spend blockchain assets in real time including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted for payments.

Do you remember when people used to barter with grain and cows as a popular medium of exchange? Probably not, because that was over 2,000 years ago before humanity began adopting coins for transacting goods and services.

The first coins were adopted in Turkey circa 600 BC, and it revolutionized the way humans would do business forever.

The phenomenon of a new technology forever changing the way humans exchange goods would occur again, with the advent of banknotes in the 1600s, and later, credit cards in the 1950s. Now our medium of exchange is again on the cusp of a currency revolution spurred by a disruptive new technology. Centra says we’ve now come full-circlewith a return to coins, crypto coins.

Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies enabled by disruptive blockchain technology (collectively known as altcoins) have experienced enormous growth in just a few short years. How enormous? So much that the total market capitalization for cryptocurrencies has soared from less than $20B to over $170B USD at one point just in 2017 aloneThis exponential growth is in part due to cryptocurrencies finally gaining traction in the mainstream.

But how do people spend the growing amount of crypto money that is in circulation?

Until now, crypto transactions have largely been relegated to the internet space. That is because there hasn’t been an easy way to allow consumers the ability to integrate their blockchain currencies into a usable currency for real-world transactions.

Now, all of that is about to suddenly change.

Centra Tech recently brought their concepts to reality with the introduction of the Centra Card, a brand-new debit card that will allow users the ability to pay for goods and services in over 8 major cryptocurrencies (with plans to add more).

The card will enable anyone that has cryptocurrency assets to pay anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted. So why would anyone start trading their traditional bank cards for a crypto card offered by Centra?

First of all, security. The revolutionary nature of blockchain technology uses complex peer-to-peer algorithms that secure every transaction, every time. The Centra Wallet technology will ensure users’ assets are safe, secured, and safeguarded against hacks and other security threats that users face with traditional bank cards.

In addition to security, the ballooning costs of ATM fees and transaction costs will be absent with the Centra card. With banks marking massive billion dollar profits annually off of transaction fees alone – the Centra Card is guaranteed to save consumers money from predatory banking institutions.

Centra is also incentivizing users who hold Centra tokens (CTR) with a rewards program.

Finally, Centra is also creating a new marketplace, cBay, which will allow users to exchange and purchase goods with their Centra Wallet balance. Think eBay and Amazon meet cryptocurrency. These additional features hope to add more users to the Centra platform, as interest in using cryptocurrencies continues to grow in both the real-world and online marketplace.

The diverse team behind Centra includes an effective mix of blockchain pioneers, experienced business professionals, and marketing experts.

  • Next Monday, Centra Tech will begin their initial coin offering (ICO), currently on-schedule for September 19th, 2017 12 AM EST until October 5th 12 AM EST.
  • More detailed information on the project to scour over is available in the Centra white paper.


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