introduces replay protection for Bitcoin wallet users, the Bitmain owned bitcoin wallet application announced today that with talks of the upcoming November Bitcoin fork, many users continue wondering what will happen to their funds.

Since this fork is very different from August’s Bitcoin Cash (BCC) fork, wanted to announce that the company has already taken proactive measures to ensure that all of its users, on both sides of the chain, will be safe.

One key concern connected to the upcoming fork is the threat of replay attacks.

Unlike the Bitcoin Cash fork, neither side of November’s fork will have replay protection implemented. This leaves the task to wallet and exchange providers.

If a user has a wallet that does not have replay protection implemented, they may be at risk of their transaction being “replayed.”

This means that if someone sends a friend 1 BTC on Blockchain A, they might find that this transaction will also appear on Blockchain B.

Alejandro De La Torre, VP

Alejandro De La Torre, VP Business Development said:

“We are determined to keep our growing customer base safe throughout the upcoming fork. To do this, we will implement wallet-side replay protection on behalf of our wallet users. wallet users will be able to safely spend bitcoin following the fork, without the fear of having them replayed.”

“ was one of the first wallet services to offer support tools for Bitcoin Cash (BCC), and moving forward we will continue to take a proactive approach. To ensure your bitcoin will have replay protection, make sure to store them in a wallet (or another replay-protected service) before the fork in November.”

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