Blockchain Foundry officially launches Blockmarket Desktop v1.0

Following several months of testing and an unprecedented and successful security audit, Blockchain Foundry Inc. today officially announced the launch of Blockmarket Desktop v1.0, notching a big development, and a milestone for the company.

Powered by the Syscoin blockchain and its world-first decentralized marketplace, Blockmarket brings a user-friendly graphical interface to the new and complex world of digital currencies.

Syscoin is a blockchain protocol based on Bitcoin, but with the addition of a range of innovative features aimed at commercial and business applications.

Blockmarket Desktop brings many of Syscoin’s features to life, enabling users to have a unique identity on the network, buy and sell products, data and services, transfer and secure data as well as communicate privately.

Blockmarket Desktop is available for Windows and Apple OS and can be downloaded at

Web Version Coming Soon

Blockmarket Desktop is the first product in a series of releases planned by Blockchain Foundry. The next planned release is Blockmarket Web due before the end of the year, which will allow anyone with access to the internet to use Syscoin’s blockchain-backed services via a secure website, using only a username and password to access their account.

The Blockchain Foundry team said:

“We are happy to offer this version of Blockmarket completely free of charge to our greatest supporters, the Syscoin community.”

“As of today, Blockmarket Desktop is now the official Syscoin “flagship” software and we will ensure to keep Blockmarket Desktop updated with new functionality and any required maintenance. We will also continue to support the Syscoin QT wallet, however, future releases will no longer include the additional features that Blockmarket Desktop now provides. For developers, we have ensured that console commands will remain accessible via the QT software.”