Ledger Nano S now directly compatible with the ARK desktop wallet

The team behind the ARK Blockchain Ecosystem has hit another major milestone, marking the first Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) token to be integrated into a cryptocurrency hardware wallet. This addition of the ARK token to Ledger hardware wallets is one of many accomplishments, and is a major step toward solidifying the ARK Ecosystem as a leader in the space.

Hardware wallets are an additional level of security for cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin. These physical devices can store your cryptocurrency offline and securely.

First announced back in July, now that the Ledger Nano S is finally directly compatible with the ARK desktop wallet, users no longer need to enter their 12 to 24 word passphrases.

ARK and Ledger are also offering limited edition ARK branded Ledger Nano S devices in which only 1,000 units will ever be made.

Instead, they can use their Ledger hardware wallets as a means of authentication for casting votes or signing transactions, all without the need to re-enter a passphrase, making ARK more streamlined and easier to use.

In addition to being able to secure the ARK token within the Ledger hardware wallet, users can also utilize the Ledger Nano S to cast votes within the ARK DPoS governance system.

Unlike Bitcoin, in ARK’s DPoS hybrid blockchain, it isn’t the largest mining power that determines who creates blocks and validates transactions, but instead, it is the token holders who cast votes for which node operators should be responsible for securing the blockchain.

In addition to the Ledger partnership, ARK recently unveiled several key pieces of their roadmap for their complete ecosystem including:
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