Coinigy removes bitcoin exchanges BitVC and Yunbi from platform

Cryptocurrency cloud trading application Coinigy announced within the last week the removal of two cryptocurrency exchanges from the platform.

First, Hong-Kong based BitVC is being removed, the exchange allowed margin trading in bitcoin and litecoin and was available on Coinigy for charting and balance tracking… However, BitVC decided last week to cease their operations due to recent legislative announcements in China.

The BitVC team left a detailed message on its website notifying that they will be halting trading operations for the foreseeable future.

BitVC was launched by major mainland China exchange Huobi, a bitcoin exchange, and technology company. It is worth noting that Huobi recently announced the launch of its own new automated trading platform for its users, so it looks like the focus will be on that.

Second, Coinigy decided to delist China-based Yunbi and all of its markets from its platform. This was the result of several factors, including broken APIs, trading via API being suspended, and the company was generally unresponsive to inquiries and questions.

This was not a recent decision by Coinigy stating that they tried their best doing what they can do to work around the above issues for some time. That said, Coinigy said they would not be opposed to re-listing Yunbi at a later date, but currently, Yunbi will no longer be accessible for Coinigy users.

Yunbi’s most popular and active markets are in order: ETH/CNY, BTC/CNY, BCC/CNY, ZEC/CNY, SC/CNY, BTS/CNY, ETC/CNY.

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