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CarTaxi launches ICO for automated car towing service on blockchain

Calling a tow truck for a car is a common thing on the roads and an in-demand business. But have you ever thought about the fact that automobile car towing is a global market, to which “uberisation” has not yet reached?

The project CarTaxi unites all tow trucks on one IT-platform. The service gives drivers access to a quick and easy order of a tow truck from any point of service coverage in only a couple of clicks, just like ordering an Uber.

The application minimizes logistics expenses of car towing companies while reducing the waiting time for a tow truck. The average ETA in CarTaxi is under 15 minutes.

The CarTaxi car towing project has launched the first stage of their ICO back on August 30th. The project has no competitors and is the first in its kind operating service in the real sector of the economy. After the explosive growth of the market share in Russia, CarTaxi is in the stage of global expansion.

The funds raised for the ICO (initial coin offering) will be directed to the first start of operations in the markets of the United States and China in 2018 and the next stages of expansion in other key regions. For the next 2 months since its launch, CarTaxi has shown a rapid growth in the coverage of the Russian market, having conquered the largest metropolises.

Among the mass of fantastic, futuristic and disconnected from real life projects, investors of CarTaxi have the opportunity to participate in an already operating business. CarTaxi operates in the physical-economy, with a multibillion-dollar global market without competitors. 

Today, the service has more than 20,000 customers, including large corporate clients. CarTaxi’s staff in St. Petersburg coordinates the preparation of operational offices in Hong Kong (China) and San Antonio (USA). The infrastructure for fast connection of partners in these countries is ready.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the CarTaxi platform has planned to activate blockchain technology based on the Ethereum’s smart contract. The blockchain technology is needed by all companies that, like CarTaxi, work with partners, and moreover, connects partners with customers. Blockchain in CarTaxi simplifies, expedites and makes controlling of all orders easy when entering the global market.

With the help of smart contracts, CarTaxi investors can track real-time operational activities of the company, obtain statistics on the number of orders executed and revenues. Registration of suppliers, partners, and customers (car owners) is done through a smart contract. The data from creating orders and management of their execution cycle from the moment of accepting the order by the tow truck driver to the unloading of the car also falls into the blockchain. As do payment transactions with suppliers and partners.

The goal of CarTaxi is to take 20% of the global market within the period of 5 years and become the number one thought of drivers around the world.

According to the plan, in 2018, operational activities and active promotion in the markets of China and the US and the opening of offices in India, South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern and Western Europe will be launched. By 2019, the company plans to achieve a leading position in the market of post-soviet states (state members of CIS), China and the US, and by 2021 – the global coverage.

The first round of the ICO started on August 30th, 2017. During this stage, it is selling 12.5 million CTX tokens issued by the project. From September 29, 2017, the second stage of the ICO will be held.

Sergey Koleda 2017-09-11 10:34:36

There are a lot of scam ICO when companies disappear after the money collected. I think that it is wise to invest in ICOs of companies with the firm background. Like Doft, which announced $50M ICO being an established trucking company.