RegTech startup Securrency partners with blockchain banking inclusion app Humaniq

Securrency, a RegTech company with a platform designed to streamline regulatory compliance for token offerings, has just signed an extensive strategic partnership with Humaniq, an Ethereum-based blockchain ecosystem looking to bring financial inclusion to over 2 billion unbanked people globally.

The partnership included an investment into Securrency by Humaniq as the lead investor of their current investment round. Humaniq will also provide additional technological capabilities which will be used for their collective efforts on a LegalTech platform. This LegalTech platform is designed to efficiently match capital to opportunity in transformational emerging technologies.

The platform will provide efficient access to capital for startups, liquidity for frontier markets, and a scalable securitization process for established global industries. By automating certain compliance functions and connecting legacy financial services to the power of the blockchain, the team sees a path to regenerate technology within finance.

Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency

Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency said:

“Humaniq’s extensive technology network provides us opportunities to partner with world-class practitioners in some of the most important emerging technologies in the 21st century including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and longevity research. In turn, our platform provides investors access to emerging stars in these fields fueling the transformation of R&D and finance globally.” 

Dmitry Kaminskiy, Co-founder of Humaniq also commented:

“Securrency’s vision aligns with what we are doing at Humaniq. They provide entrepreneurs, researchers, and value creators a new path to the capital needed to fuel the technology revolution. By streamlining regulatory compliance and providing a ‘one-click’ path to capital markets, Securrency enables innovators to focus on bringing transformative ideas to market rather than getting bogged down in financial regulations and together we can pave the way for the convergence of technologies, financing, and commercialization into markets globally.”

Humaniq launched an Accelerator within their ecosystem this summer which provides digital, technological, and business development for projects to grow, scale and adapt and is supported by the upcoming Humaniq Venture Fund.

Securrency is bridging the gap for capital access and global financial reach and Humaniq is repurposing deep-tech from key hubs globally. Together with Humaniq, the combination will aim to equip emerging companies with the ability to quickly scale toward global distribution.

Hazem Danny Al Nakib, Chief Innovation Officer, Humaniq asserted:

“In an ever-changing legal, political, and financial landscape, joining forces will augment our means to create added-value. Together, we will continue to provide revolutionized solutions to cope with and address rapidly changing economic philosophies and regulatory transformations and establishing a one-stop-shop pipeline for novel and alternative financial innovations where advanced technologies created anywhere have an efficient path to global distribution.”

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