GDAX launches open source library of cryptocurrency trading tools

To help users get started, GDAX created a set of developer tutorials to explain the components of the GTT toolkit.

San Francisco-based Coinbase today announced that its cryptocurrency trading site Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) has introduced to the public the “GDAX Trading Toolkit (GTT)” as an open source library. The GTT provides a suite of tools for traders to design, create, and operate features such as automated trading bots and personal portfolio trackers across GDAX and other exchanges.

For the first release, GDAX says they’ve focused on offering a set of foundational trading components such as exchange interfaces, live order books, and exchange rate filters. The team says they plan to add more advanced components such as arbitrage trading bots, market-making bots, and technical analysis tools in the coming months.

The GDAX team said:

“Contributions from the open-source software community have helped shape GDAX and we genuinely appreciate the community’s support. We hope traders find the GTT a useful and complementary tool for trading digital currency.”

The GTT vision and philosophy

The GTT is designed to act as a set of “lego blocks” to help traders build an automated trading and portfolio bots on crypto-currency exchanges. Below are the kinds of things GDAX envisions users could build with a few hundred lines of code:

And eventually…

The team conceded that they are a long way from realizing the vision outlined above but emphasized they will be seeking out open source contributions to help make GTT a go-to standard for cryptocurrency trading bots.

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