0cean launching 0x-based Ethereum ERC20 token liquidity and relayer service

The 0cean, a recently announced startup is launching a new Øx-based relayer and liquidity pool for trading ERC20 tokens. The team is comprised of cryptocurrency investors and developers with notable stakes in a range of coins and funds, as well as equity stakes in some other crypto start-ups.

The team noted that through trading cryptocurrency for the past 3.5 years they’ve built The Øcean because they need The Øcean themselves, innovation is often built out of necessity. The team is wasting little time in ramping up their service and it will launch in a few weeks.

The Øcean plans to start simple, with a high-performance order book and an API. The fees will be lower than traditional exchanges.

This means developers can build and deploy automated trading strategies that wouldn’t otherwise be possible while having a market edge over traders using centralized exchanges.

Additionally, the team will be adding a series of more advanced features over the next several months, including a freshly made user interface and responsive trading dashboard for manual trades and market tracking.

Closer to the launch, the team will be will creating a slack channel and will also be publishing an API documentation. Additional details such as fee structures will also be released closer to launch.

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