KeepKey hardware wallet releases full support for Bitcoin Cash

KeepKey, the cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider, who was acquired by ShapeShift earlier this month, announced an updated beta version of the KeepKey client software and device firmware which offers full support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

BCH was forked from Bitcoin on August 1st. Anyone who was holding Bitcoin on KeepKey at the time of the fork automatically received BCH.
When a user now opens the Bitcoin account in the KeepKey Wallet software, they will see Bitcoin Cash listed at the bottom.

Note: KeepKey says do not intentionally send Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin account. Users cannot access a transaction listing for Bitcoin Cash that is contained in a Bitcoin account. From a Bitcoin Cash sub-account, the only things available are sending, exchange with ShapeShift and hold.

In order to do more with Bitcoin Cash, users must create a new Bitcoin Cash account.

The KeepKey team said:

“For those of you who have been anxious to get Bitcoin Cash support for your KeepKey, we sincerely appreciate your patience. It has been the top priority for KeepKey in the last few weeks and we are excited to be able to release it.”

“Since this is a beta release, you may find a few rough edges. If you find something that is unclear or incorrect, please let us know. Users that already have the beta release of the KeepKey client installed will receive the update automatically. If you do not have it, but want to try it, you can install it from the Chrome store.”

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