Chinese bitcoin exchange Huobi launches new quant trading platform

Chinese bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Huobi today announced the launch of new cloud-based service The new platform will focus on quantitative and automated trading of digital assets and will be provided free of charge to Huobi clients.
With the development of blockchain technology and the popularization of artificial intelligence technology, the trading practices of digital assets are becoming more and more systematic. More users are joining the ranks of quantitative analysis and automated systems in order to avoid making irrational investment decisions.
To that end, and to meet the growing demand from users, Huobi has officially launched, in beta, its new blockchain asset quant trading platform. Hundreds of users are already taking advantage of the new Huobi platform.
The aim is to allow anyone to organize and implement quantitative-based strategies on their accounts in a simple and quick manner.
Strategy tutorials, strategy research and development, testing, instance hosting, cloud orders and risk control features are included on the new platform. Professionally packaged strategies and detailed explanations help eliminate the need for novices to build their own local system, a costly and complex undertaking.
WeQuant will provide the following:

To note, even if a user is currently a registered client of Huobi, the WeQuant network is using a separate account system, so everyone will have to re-register.

The WeQuant Founders

Jianzhong Lan, Current Vice president of Huobi –  co-founded WeQuant, he manages the Shenzen branch where the WeQuant technology was also developed. He has a Master of Engineering, from Tsinghua University and a Master of Finance, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prior joining Huobi, Mr. Lan was a Goldman Sachs Technology VP with eight years of experience in the design and development of securities trading and control systems in Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong and has long been in the field of quantification and derivatives investment. Mr. Lan has a solid and rich experience in the design and operation of traditional financial products.
Zhu Weiwei, Product Director at Huobi – also now WeQuant product leader, he graduated from the Central University of Finance, jointly founded WeQuant with JIanzhong Lan. Zhu has experience in quantitative modeling and procedural analysis has a wealth of practical experience and a continuous entrepreneurial background. He is committed to improving the existing investment and production tools of the industry.

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