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Blockchain tech company Jelurida prepares for 2nd round of crowdsale for IGNIS tokens

After collecting a total of 24 million NXT tokens in minutes during the 1st round, Jelurida is holding a second crowd funding round (out of five) giving participants another opportunity to purchase IGNIS tokens.

Jelurida, the development company behind the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms today announced its second round out of five for the IGNIS crowdsale. Over the course of six days, participants will have the chance to purchase IGNIS tokens, currently under the placeholder name JLRDA, in exchange for the NXT token.

JLRDA is a controllable currency on Nxt used as a placeholder for IGNIS balances until the Ardor snapshot, which will take place at least two weeks after the last crowdsale round. As a controllable currency, it cannot be traded among users. However, IGNIS will be tradable after it launches.

20 million JLRDA will be offered in each of the four batches, for a total of 80 million JLRDA. The cost of a single JLRDA token in the second round is 0.55 NXT.

The second round schedule is:

  • Sat, Aug 26th 06:45 – 07:15 UTC
  • Sun, Aug 27th 18:45 – 19:15 UTC
  • Tue, Aug 29th 06:45 – 07:15 UTC
  • Thu, Aug 31st 18:45 – 19:15 UTC

The Ignis crowdsale is performed using the open sourced Nxt blockchain technology, a platform for token crowdfunding campaigns.

Nxt utilizes the blockchain not only for transfer of value, but also for many core features, including a decentralized asset exchange, marketplace, voting system and special crowdfunding tokens. Ignis will become the first child chain of the Ardor platform, an innovative parent/child chain blockchain design based on Nxt.

Kristina Kalcheva is a legal specialist and a co-founder of Jelurida

Kristina Kalcheva, Co-Founder and Legal Expert of Jelurida said:

“We are very excited to hold the second crowd funding round for the IGNIS token. Our goal at Jelurida is to create custom child chains on the Ardor platform, as we see the parent/child blockchain structure as the next big step in the industry.”

“Jelurida aims to promote secure, decentralized, and stable blockchains for government, financial, and various other organizations worldwide. The launch of IGNIS is the first step in doing so.”

A comparison of the Nxt and Ardor platforms to other blockchain technologies can be found here.



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Where can buy?

Good question 😉 Details about the IGNIS ICO can be found here:

Great news that they split the batches into bigger portions this time. Hopefully, many people will be able to buy in.

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