ICONOMI announces Columbus Capital as its first blockchain asset manager

ICONOMI, the cryptocurrency, and blockchain asset management platform has introduced London-based Columbus Capital LTD as its first partner to serve as a dedicated Digital Asset Array (DAA) manager to maintain and grow funds comprised entirely of blockchain-based assets.

Just this past month the ICONOMI platform opened up investment to the public after successfully completing beta testing. Applications for DAA managers were also made available with $100,000 as the minimum amount of seed funding to get started.

Tim Zagar, ICONOMI CEO stated:

“We are appointing Columbus Capital, an asset management company specializing in global emerging markets and strategic investing in both traditional and alternative funds, to manage ICONOMI’s existing DAAs (ICNX and ICNP).”

While ICONOMI will continue focusing on platform development and offering the software tools for blockchain-focused fund managers, Columbus Capital will independently manage three initial funds.

Each of the following funds will be the first outside managed DAAs built on ICONOMI’s software.

Current DAAs will be rebranded on Friday, August 18th.

Veteran fund manager Igor Erker

Igor Erker, Columbus Capital CEO said:

“We are managing one of the world’s most exciting funds: the Columbus Capital Pinta, previously known as ICNP, which invests exclusively in the highest potential token sales. Our extraordinary team has unrivaled knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry.”

With our proprietary due diligence processes, we will focus on highly profitable investment opportunities while obtaining access to the best possible deals. With Blockchain Index, previously known as ICNX, we have created a best-in-breed on ramp for all investors to invest in the entire blockchain industry ― today the fastest growing sector in the world.”

Now under Columbus Capital’s purview, Pinta was named after explorer Christopher Columbus’ fastest ship. It has rapidly become the world’s largest and highest performing fund focusing on ICOs, with over $45 million USD in assets under management.

Blockchain Index is a lower risk and less volatile fund that serves as a best-in-class approximation of the entire blockchain industry. BLX was seeded with $3 million USD.

CEO of Columbus Capital Igor Erker holds a Master’s degree in investment management at Cass Business School in London and is an executive MBA candidate at Cambridge University. Erker managed four highly regarded funds in developing markets at Alta, which were regularly ranked among the best performing funds in their category.

Serving as Senior Advisor to Columbus Capital is Jani Valjavec, the prominent Co-Founder of ICONOMI, Co-Founder of Cashila, and one of Europe’s most highly respected thought leaders in emerging markets and blockchain technology.

Senior Advisor to Columbus Capital Jani Valjavec said:

“ICONOMI has developed the world’s leading software platform to manage and form digital asset arrays. We are forming what we believe will be the foundational element of the new economy. Eventually dozens or even hundreds of DAAs will operate on the ICONOMI platform. To maintain our focus on developing this critical platform, ICONOMI has spun out our two pre-announced DAAs, INCP and ICNX, to the capable and highly experienced management team at Columbus Capital.”

“As a result, Columbus Capital will be ICONOMI’s first official third-party customer. We have seen increased investor demand for the investment alternatives, and we believe this is an opportune time to present this new vehicle. Columbus Capital highlights our commitment to the market demands and our ambition to continue to broaden investment opportunities in all areas.”

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