Paycent bitcoin debit card shutters project to pursue crypto exchange

The team of Paycent, a bitcoin debit card project which looked like a great offering, has regrettably announced that they have stopped development in order to pursue, a cryptocurrency exchange. Paycent was open for pre-registration since May but did not get further along than that.

Those who signed up are now being referred to ShakePay, a provider of debit cards for bitcoin. ShakePay allows for bitcoin, dash, and ether top-ups and recently said they are working to support multi-currency wallets later this year aside from just USD and EUR.

The project lead of Paycent, Talip Ozturk said:

“We apologize that we are unable to serve you with the card that you signed up for. We have spoken with a half dozen providers of bitcoin debit cards, and we have found a partner who is committed to the same countries we planned to support and has a plan to develop a mobile wallet with a ‘balances-kept-in-bitcoin’ model that we feel will support our brand promise.”

“Because of this, we have agreed to announce the closing of the Paycent service, but also to introduce you to ShakePay, who we feel is best suited to serve your needs. No money exchanged hands in this partnership, so we only want those who believed in us to get a suitable way to meet their needs for a bitcoin debit card with the characteristics we promised. Again, we regret that we were unable to fulfill our promise to you, and we hope you will get years of great service from our partner ShakePay.”

Mr. Ozturk who is based out of Silicon Valley, as noted above, has instead decided to focus efforts on Evercoin, a crypto to crypto exchange with no account required. Currently, the new startup supports BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, DOGE, and ZEC with plans to support additional coins.

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