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Payza enables instant loading of bitcoin to prepaid Mastercard

If a user has bitcoin in other wallets, they are also free to transfer that bitcoin into their Payza account and then instantly load their Payza Card.

Payza, a UK-based global online payment platform has announced another new feature related to bitcoin, the new feature lets users convert the bitcoin already in their Payza account into US dollars and then add those funds to their Payza Mastercard in seconds.

To load funds onto a Payza Card a user must simply create a withdraw funds transaction in their Payza account and select the Payza Card as the withdrawal method. Then when selecting the balance, choose “Bitcoin”. This will automatically exchange bitcoin to US dollars and load the Payza Card with the exchanged amount.

In most cases, loading the Payza Card with bitcoin will be instant, however, there will be some exceptions. All Payza withdrawals can potentially trigger a general delay which can take up to 3 business days, but, in the majority of cases, loading the Payza Card using the account’s bitcoin balance will be instantaneous.

The Payza Card is $19.95 USD to order, including shipping and handling. Currently, this charge must be paid from a user’s Payza balance. Though, the Payza team said that they are currently working to provide an option to pay for the card using bitcoin or credit card as well.

With a Payza Mastercard, users can make purchases anywhere traditional credit cards are accepted, including online, in-store and at most ATMs. Shipping takes 1-3 weeks to members in North America or 4-8 weeks worldwide. Please note that a Payza account must be verified before it is possible to order a Payza Card.

Back in June, Payza increased its support of cryptocurrency by enabling a number of popular altcoins to be used for Payza e-wallet funding.



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