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Equibit unveils first look at digital wallet for blockchain securities

Equibit Group, the creator of the Equibit blockchain and blockchain applications for the global securities industry, has unveiled its first look at Portfolio, its new digital wallet for the Equibit system.

Portfolio will be used to store the platform’s native token (EQB) and bitcoin and will enable users to trade EQB and Equibit-registered securities. Portfolio is a completely private and secure digital wallet, accessible only by the user.

Other key features of Portfolio include:

  • Real-time order book and market depth for all Equibit-registered securities
  • Peer-to-peer trades with investors and issuers on the network
  • Creation and issuance of securities
  • Blockchain browsing for available issuances
  • Investor relations management functionalities and services, including polls, proxies, and dividend payments

Chris Horlacher, CEO, Equibit Group stated:

“We’ve made tremendous progress with Portfolio, designed to offer unrivaled functionality that doesn’t compromise user experience. We’re fast approaching the point where Portfolio will be ready for public use and are excited to deliver a digital wallet that will exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Equibit successfully held a token sale back in February, raising over $500,000 to help spur their development.

Portfolio is expected to be available to the public in late 2017.



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