Coin Sciences releases production-ready blockchain platform MultiChain 1.0

Coin Sciences Ltd has announced the production-ready release of MultiChain 1.0, the open-source Bitcoin compatible private blockchain platform designed to let developers build applications with minimum hassle and fuss. MultiChain 1.0 is available for immediate download for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
The production release comes after two and a half years of intensive feedback-driven development. This includes a four-month beta period, during which MultiChain was optimized to support over 1,000 transactions per second on a mid-range server. Since its first alpha release in June 2015, MultiChain has received over 60,000 downloads, more than half of which were during 2017.
The company also announced fourteen new members of the MultiChain Partner Program, bringing the total number to 43.
The new members of the MultiChain Partner Program include two multinational consulting companies: Cognizant and Indra Sistemas. Twelve more SMBs have also joined: Aicumen, Bambusoft, Chainfrog, CrimsonLogic, Encrypgen, Hypatia Technologies, Maroon Studios, Medici Ventures, Project Radium, SolarLab, The Apollo Group and Tilkal. Members of the program enjoy a close working relationship with the MultiChain engineering team, can use MultiChain branding in their marketing materials, and are promoted on the MultiChain website, which now receives 35,000 visitors monthly.
Further, the MultiChain Partner Program has now been split into two tracks – Platform Partners who develop applications for third parties on the MultiChain platform, and Product Partners who are using MultiChain in their own proprietary solutions.
Dr. Gideon Greenspan, CEO, and Founder of Coin Sciences Ltd said:

“We’re delighted to have reached this milestone. Developing the first production release of MultiChain has been an immense challenge, and we’ve learned a great deal about our users and their requirements along the way. Work has already begun on MultiChain 2.0, which will be the first version of MultiChain to come in two editions – Community (open source) and Enterprise (commercial). We look forward to continued growth in usage of the product and cooperating with all our partners to help them leverage it for their needs.”

Víctor Sánchez Hórreo, Manager of Blockchain and Digital Transformation at Minsait (Indra Sistemas) commented:

“We used MultiChain to build a platform for transferring digital assets between different organizations (from commerce to public administration) in a permissioned network where all the participants collaborate. The assets act as a key tool to enable social and economic projects, and the features of MultiChain regarding permission management, quick deployment, and asset creation fit very well with our needs.”

Joel Weight, Chief Technology Officer at Medici Ventures was quoted:

“Because of its Bitcoin ancestry, MultiChain’s reliability, even during its alpha phase, was great The addition of a key-based permission layer and built-in asset support make it the right solution for some of our products.”

Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates, CEO, and Founder of ChainFrog stated:

“Chainfrog chose to use MultiChain in their music royalties collection pilot because it is based on the mature Bitcoin source base, is incredibly easy to deploy and the APIs are clearly documented. From their blog posts, it is obvious that the Coin Sciences team know their blockchains inside out.”