Blockchain asset management platform ICONOMI now open to public

ICONOMI, a digital asset management platform for the distributed economy has reached its next major development milestone. The ICONOMI platform is now officially open for public registration. The platform had been open to a select group of beta testers since March 1, 2017.

ICONOMI continued adding beta testers until June 30, 2017, when all ICO participants were given access to the platform. This process, according to CEO Tim Zagar, gave the company sufficient time to assure that the technology is running smoothly.

Now that registration is open to the public, all users are able to sign up to buy and sell ICNX, a digital asset index fund called a Digital Asset Array (DAA), on the ICONOMI platform. Further, ICONOMI stated that ICNX will be tokenized and available for withdrawal to external wallets and exchanges in the near future.

Knowing much of their user base will be performing actions on a mobile device, ICONOMI released their iOS app back in May. The company also recently updated its rules of operation with a clarified methodology for adding tokens to the platform in an advisory notice back in June.

Finally, ICONOMI has also made available their Digital Asset Array (DAA) Manager application, where they will be accepting applications until August 13th.

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