Cryptopia raises bitcoin deposit confirmations to 6 for BIP 91 transition

New Zealand-based altcoin exchange Cryptopia has announced that bitcoin deposit confirmations have been raised to 6 while BTC transitions through BIP 91. The team affirmed that confirmations will be lowered once they are sure things are safe.
After block 477120, which occurred yesterday, Cryptopia’s bitcoin wallet was placed into maintenance for 6 blocks so they could ensure the transition went smoothly and to ensure all users funds were safe and secure.
The notice by Cryptopia includes all cryptocurrencies that rely on the BTC protocol, i.e. Tether (USDT) and other OMNI assets.

Minimum Trade Limits Raised

A further small update to the exchange just announced sees the minimum trade amounts on Cryptopia base markets raised. The team said this was in order to combat the increased spam trading that has been happening.
New Minimums (still super low):
Bitcoin Markets: 0.00005000 BTC
USDT Markets: 0.20000000 USDT
NZDT Markets: 0.20000000 NZDT
Litecoin Markets: 0.00100000 LTC
Dogecoin Markets: 1.00000000 DOGE

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