MAYZUS Financial gives irreproachable statement in connection with BTC-E

The following is an official statement from Sergey Mayzus the owner of OKPAY and Mayzus Financial services affirming his companies have nothing to do with troubled bitcoin exchange BTC-e:

In connection with the closure of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges (BTC-E) by US law-enforcement agencies, false information was posted by an anonymous person(s) on the website about the alleged involvement of myself (Sergey Mayzus) and my companies OKPAY CY LTD and MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd. with the BTC-E exchange.
I hereby declare that neither myself (Sergey Mayzus) nor the companies OKPAY CY LTD and MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd. that I own are in any way related to the BTC-E exchange, its owners, or employees.
The OKPAY trademark and the website are owned by OKPAY CY LTD.
The MoneyPolo trademark and the website are owned by MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd.
The website is managed by MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd.
Services provided to customers through the website are provided by MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd.
OKPAY CY LTD, since its founding until today, has not had a single client except for test customers who are residents of the Republic of Cyprus.
MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd. might have had among its clients, through the services of MoneyPolo and OKPAY, legal entities who could be operators of the BTC-E exchange or private persons who could be owners or employees of the BTC-E exchange, however, all accounts of legal entities or individuals whom we considered as possibly related to the BTC-E exchange, are blocked, which was properly reported to the financial regulatory authorities. In addition, information about these individuals and legal entities was forwarded to the law-enforcement agencies of Great Britain.
On July 26, 2017, a request was sent by the lawyers of the above companies to GitHub Inc. as well as to unidentified owners of the website demanding that the libelous content about myself (Sergey Mayzus) and the companies that belong to me be immediately removed from the above-mentioned website. However, up to this day we have not received a response from the owners of the above website and have not come to an understanding with GitHub Inc., which brought the lawyers of my companies to start preparing a lawsuit against GitHub Inc. and the owners of the website
I ask the editors of the media outlets monitoring the situation around the BTC-E exchange to refrain from disseminating the libelous information published on the website, and those who had the impudence to publish this information in the first place to remove it immediately in order to avoid further legal consequences.
Sergey Mayzus

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