IOTA brings on Alexander Renz to assist in driving adoption

IOTA, a distributed ledger for the Internet of Things (IoT) which enables machine-to-machine payments as well as data transfers without any fees today welcomed Alex Renz to the IOTA project. Alex will be tasked with evangelizing and assisting in driving adoption of IOTA in Mobility and Transportation globally. He will also play a crucial role in promoting distributed ledger technologies in the Pacific Northwest and the broader West Coast.

Alexander Renz started out his career by obtaining degrees in European Business Studies and International Marketing from the prestigious Brunel Business School in the mid-1990s. He initiated SAP’s activities around the IoT in 2001 with the sponsorship of the MIT Auto-ID Center following a meeting with Steve David, the CIO of Procter & Gamble.

To realize his vision of “Real-World Aware, Adaptive Supply Networks”, Alex also spearheaded the workaround distributed, agent-based systems with complexity scientist Stuart Kauffman from the Santa Fe Institute. When Alex first learned about distributed ledger technologies and IOTA more than 15 years later, he immediately understood it as the backbone of IoT and the emerging Machine-to-Machine economy.

Throughout Alex’s corporate career he explored emerging technologies and drove innovation that led to a range of new products. His international career with companies such as Bosch, SAP, and Microsoft brought him to London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Walldorf, Copenhagen, and Seattle, where he currently resides.

His passion for technology-driven business model innovation lead him and his brother Joe to co-found New Mobility Consulting to help startups, corporates and investors take advantage of the digital transformation of mobility and transportation. Today, the brothers have developed an amazing global innovation ecosystem that includes hundreds of startups, incubators/accelerators, investors and corporate innovation teams.

Alex Renz on joining IOTA

Alexander Renz, on being part of IOTA said:

“Ever since I worked on IoT and self-governing systems in the early 2000’s I have been fascinated with the notion of smart, connected things and autonomous, self-organizing systems. What was missing all along was a scalable and secure infrastructure to run such systems.”

“I am excited about the potential of distributed ledger technologies and the breakthrough that is IOTA. I strongly believe that IOTA has the potential to become the backbone of the Internet of Things and the emerging Machine-to-Machine economy.”

“This is a great opportunity not only for the New Mobility ecosystem but all of us to play an active role in shaping the next generation Internet. Let’s create a future we all want to live in!”

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