Ukraine crypto exchange Kuna adds Ethereum (ETH)

Ukrainian-based cryptocurrency exchange Kuna announced today they’ve officially launched trading for Ether (ETH) versus Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH).

As a welcome incentive for the new market, the exchange announced they will cancel all trading commissions for ETH/UAH until August 8th.

Founded in April 2016, not a surprise that the most popular trading on the exchange occurs in the BTC/UAH market. It will be interesting, however, to watch how the ETH market develops on the

Ukraine-based exchange. Kuna also assists companies to organize and launch token sales from start to finish.

Exchange Fees:


Deposit — 1% + 5 UAH
Withdrawal — 1%

Deposit — no fees, min. amount of 0.001 BTC
Withdrawal — 0.001 BTC

Deposit — no fees, min. amount of 0.001 ETH
Withdrawal — 0.001 ETH

Marker and taker fees — 0.25 %

Other recent updates to the exchange include:

The live order book of ETH/UAH is now online.

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