Crypto wallet Exodus adds Aragon and EOS in latest release

The last we heard from Exodus, the multi-cryptocurrency wallet and exchange they were finalizing integrating cryptocurrency Decred (DCR). The latest update to the wallet platform sees the company integrate blockchain business management platform Aragon’s digital currency ANT as well as EOS, the blockchain platform for large scale business, who is coming off its highly successful week of token sales, raising over $185 million in five days.

In addition to integrating ANT and EOS, Exodus added further updates to the wallet restore system – restoring from Exodus backups are easier and now fully automatic.
Exodus also has added an internal, in-app status notification system to inform users of any delays or upcoming network changes. This notification system is designed to instantly inform Exodus users of current and upcoming events to help them keep their digital assets safe.

Complete release notes are below:



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