Ether (ETH) notes now available for trade on WebMoney’s INDX exchange

INDX online exchange service from WebMoney Transfer has announced the launch of a new trading tool. Notes of Ether (ETH), the native currency of decentralized online services platform Ethereum will be secured by the platform’s exchange units, where one note is valued at an equivalent of 1/1000 ETH (Finney).

The market capitalization of ETH is currently estimated at over $25 billion while the same for BTC is estimated at $42 billion as of the 1st of July 2017. The tool has already proven to be an attractive investment and now along with BTC notes are available to INDX users.

WebMoney system participants may now use this tool for investment receiving a regular income. INDX exchange does not charge transaction and service fees which allows free trading with notes of companies with globally recognized brands bypassing services by professional brokers.


Internet Exchange INDX is an online tool created by BVI registered INDX Transactions LTD.

Any trader registered with INDX can sell/purchase instruments without opening the account in the brokerage office. The exchange between instruments and WM title units is carried out between the traders when the transaction is made. INDX itself doesn’t participate in the transaction and only provides the technical capability to guarantee the execution of transactions.

Via INDX one can trade derivative securities called NOTES, which are secured by:

The Note has the conditional nominal value set by the Broker when registering the instrument. INDX allows making leveraged and short-term transactions during one exchange day.

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