Coinfloor June solvency report shows 11% rise in bitcoin held as price consolidates

UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor published their June 2017 / 39th monthly Provable Solvency Report today.

The report shows that as of June 29th, Coinfloor holds a total of 7,509.3716 XBT in custodian on behalf of clients, this is an 11.3% increase of 759.9997 from the 6,749.3719 XBT reported for May.

Coinfloor clients in previous months appeared to be taking advantage of higher prices close to $3,000 USD to move BTC off the exchange. June’s retreat from those all-time prices and ensuing consolidation allowed buyers to accumulate more coins at specific support levels with less incentive to swap while the price hovered around $2,500 for most of the month.

June 2017 BTC/USD price chart w/ 30-day moving average.

With the amount of bitcoin held in custodian higher from previous months and the consolidation in bitcoin price, Coinfloor’s USD value of BTC held is near $1.9 million more than May’s total at today’s exchange rates, an 11.6% increase in USD value.

Month-over-month change in XBT held increased 759.9997 (+11.3% )
6,749.3719 XBT (bitcoin) equals $16,400,906.22 US dollars – Total for May
7,454.8454 XBT (bitcoin) equals $18,300,413.68 US dollars – Total for June

Month-over-month USD value increased $1,899,507.46 (+11.6%)

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