Payza adds list of popular altcoins as e-wallet funding method

Payza adds list of popular altcoins as e-wallet funding method
Recently, Payza announced full Bitcoin support. Now, Payza has added altcoins as a deposit option, letting verified members sell the most popular Bitcoin alternatives. Over 50 different altcoins can now be exchanged with Payza.

Payza, a UK-based global online payment platform has announced that members can now use select altcoins as an e-wallet funding method. Members in most countries can now sell Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash and dozens of other cryptocurrencies to Payza.
Payza members with a Payza Card can use funds added by altcoin to load prepaid cards, giving them an easy way to turn altcoins into US Dollars that can be spent online, in-stores, or withdrawn from most ATMs.
The Payza team said:

“Payza is committed to giving our members a complete online payments solution, and that means incorporating Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies into our platform. Providing our members with a way to sell altcoins to Payza is one more step in the direction of complete Bitcoin and altcoin support within the Payza platform.”
“The list of altcoins that Payza accepts for exchanges will be constantly growing as more cryptocurrencies gain popularity.”

In the future, Payza members will also be able to buy altcoins, similar to how they can currently buy Bitcoin from Payza. The team is also working on a one-step Payza Card loading option that will allow members with a Payza Card to load it with funds from Bitcoin or altcoin exchanges in just one step. This new feature will bypass the need to first send those funds to a Payza Account, and then load them onto the card.
For the launch, the following altcoins can be sold to Payza:

Altcoins Available for Payza Exchange

Ethereum Monero Zcash
Dash Ripple Steem
Ethereum Classic Litecoin NEM
Synereo Aragon Ardor
Basic Attention Bytecoin Darcrus
Decred DigixDAO Dogecoin
Edgeless Expanse GameCredits
Byteball Gnosis Golem
Matchpool (Guppy) LBRY Credits Lisk
Lunyr MaidSafeCoin Melon
NAVCoin NuBits Gulden
Nxt PIVX PotCoin
QuazarCoin Radium Augur SinglularDTV Stratis
SwarmCity Syscoin Chronobank
WeTrust (Trustcoin) TetherUSD Waves
Wings DAO Xaurum DigitalNote
FantomCoin SteemDollar

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