Cryptocurrency exchange EXMO to list WAVES token

EXMO, a UK-registered cryptocurrency exchange dealing in a wide range of fiat and crypto assets today announced WAVES has been added to the exchange. The EXMO team said they recognize the growing popularity of the Waves custom blockchain platform in the crypto-economy and believes in the great potential for sustained utilization of the WAVES token for blockchain token generation.

Initially, just WAVES/BTC will be listed on the exchange with more pairings to come. The Waves Platform has witnessed increasing traction amongst online and real-world businesses with multiple blockchain start-ups holding their ICOs and collecting millions of dollars through Waves originated token crowd sales.

WAVES Moving Upwards

WAVES token has seen a significant increase in value since May, riding high in the wake of the strong bitcoin and greater crypto and blockchain asset bull market.

Waves price in terms of USD passed $1 during the last months and has now since risen above $5 heading into July.


Why is the Waves Platform catching on amongst the blockchain financial sector?

For one, users have noted the ease by which token creation can be set up and managed on the Waves blockchain. The straightforward token operations for companies conducting ICOs along with a cleanly designed platform and fully integrated decentralized exchange for immediately accessing liquidity are some reasons why the Waves Platform has attracted more ICO issuances.

EXMO Improves Upon User-Friendly Trading Experience

In addition to USD and EUR funding options, the exchange also supports Russian Roubles (RUB) and Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) and will hopefully look to continue offering many paths between the traditional fiat system and the crypto economy.

In keeping pace with the fast-moving landscape of the crypto sector, the EXMO platform was recently redesigned to make it more user-friendly including a simpler user verification process, an improved and more intuitive trading UI and additional data tools to help traders better understand their current trading and investment transactions and holdings.

More updates have seen EXMO expand the exchange’s list of supported tokens with the addition of some key new pairs. Earlier this month the exchange added ETH/EUR, ETH/LTC, and DASH/RUB, reflecting the growing adoption of ETH and DASH within the blockchain asset market.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”We’re very pleased that EXMO has added WAVES. Although cryptocurrency exchanges operate within a competitive environment, there are few that are fit for purpose. EXMO boasts a serious and professional team, they have a clear plan for growing their business and increasing the market share. We are really looking forward to the opportunities presented by this partnership.”[/perfectpullquote]

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