Altcoin signal app CryptoPing set to conclude ICO with over $1m already raised

Altcoin intelligence and alert application CryptoPing is just a couple days away from concluding its ICO of PING tokens conducted on the Waves platform and so far has raised over $1 million or 540 BTC from over 2750 investors, which is a pretty nice achievement.
All in all, CryptoPing has raised 65% of the initially expected funding in dollars (considering the price of BTC to USD at the time when ICO has started). Coins are to be distributed one week after the ICO ends. Unsold coins will be burned. Ping tokens can pay for trading bot subscriptions or you can trade them on an exchange.
Over 30,000 users are now waiting for the launch of subscription-based services and social sharing of crypto market trading alerts. According to the team, CryptoPing is now attracting about 500 new registrations every day to the open public beta.
Investors will be able to withdraw their tokens to their Waves wallet when PING is added to any of the exchanges and token-based subscription is enabled. More specific information can be found on the project’s white paper.
Specific Alerts & AutoTrading
For now, users get informed on movements detected the bot or they can set up specific bot price alerts for select coins across the exchanges. Eventually, CryptoPing intends to develop an auto-trading app that will be trigger automatically based on a set of parameters set by the user.
How will participants benefit from buying and holding the tokens?
If the token price rises in BTC, the subscriber will end up paying fewer fees with your tokens over time or there will have the potential to sell tokens on exchange and profit from their investment, or both. CryptoPing intends to keep the token price high by increasing demand and decreasing the supply of tokens over time.
Breakdown: Subscription fee is set at 0.01 BTC/month in PING*
* based on the token price on exchanges.
Free tier users retain access to signals from all exchanges but will get signals less frequently than during open beta.

Feature Subscription Free tier
Signal delivery priority

Limited by Telegram itself, see their FAQ

Immediately ? After all signals are delivered to subscribed users
More data in signals

Closest buy/sell walls, social media mentions, changes to trades frequency

Whitelists, blacklists and other ways to filter coins

Filter by premine, market cap threshold, exchanges, etc.

Signal sensitivity personalisation +
Signal frequency personalisation +
Signal analytics in your dashboard History of signals and price performance for each coin Basic info without historical data
Early access to new features +
Access to upcoming Social Trading platform

Public traders will set their own fees that have to be paid separately from general CryptoPing subscription.


Project mission: use market data, statistics, news and social media to produce more precise trading signals and forecast cryptocurrency markets. Once launched, we will be providing a demo and review of the service to see if the results and intelligence are worth paying attention to.

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