User demand sees NZ exchange Cryptopia relist ETH

New Zealand-based altcoin exchange Cryptopia announced today they will be re-listing Ether (ETH) after demand brought them to the tipping point.

After adding support for ERC20 tokens, the Cryptopia support team was flooded with users sending ETH to ERC20 token addresses and demanding the company credit their accounts.

The team stated:

“This has also been a long-standing issue with sending ETH to ETC addresses, it reached a point where we needed to install and sync an ETH wallet to recover user funds sent to wrong addresses as some of the amounts were in the 10’s or even 100’s of ETH.”

“Since we have the wallet synced and no other way to stop users sending ETH to ETC or ERC20 tokens in some desperate attempt to get ETH on Cryptopia we have decided to just list the *** thing and remove this support burden on our staff.”

“So basically, if our users want to do mETH we will provide them with a safe environment to do so, and will offer support throughout its obvious upcoming dramas.”

Cryptopia was anti-Ethereum (ETH) after its “money motivated bailout of the DAO and removing the immutability of the blockchain.”

However, they conceded they also need and want to provide a secure and safe place for its users to trade. Many clients of Cryptopia told the company they use other sites for ETH and Cryptopia for everything else.

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