Nextgen payment system CREDO announces pre-ICO

Pre-ICO funding has been officially announced from CREDOa new generation multi-functional payment system based on an algorithm that involves the participation of an independent agent in the financial transactions. The main unit of account in CREDO system is an Electronic Certificate. The Electronic Certificate is an analog of a derivative financial instrument, also called a derivative, under which the parties (buyer and seller) assume the right or obligation to perform certain actions with respect to the underlying asset.
As indicated in the project Whitepaper: “CREDO has a patent for the designed system. The functional of the business model of CREDO has already been provided with all the necessary software and hardware and confirmed by positive test results in Europe. CREDO is a real financial project with its own technical processing, POS terminals, and EMV Smart Cards.”
The system acts as an agent between the buyer of goods and the seller, providing the parties with payment processing for a profitable transaction, and combining modern architectural solutions and firmly established banking standards. This approach gives a wide range of unique opportunities in the area of financial projects, from payments and lending to investments and use of any type of electronic currency in the real sector.
Such countries as UAE, Spain, Russia already use the system as a payment instrument. More than 1,000 customers and 16,120,000 EUR turnover for the last years. Some financial institutes are interested in using CREDO processing as part of their POS terminals.
Konstantin Galibus, CEO & Founder of CREDO based out of Russia said:

“CREDO is a ready financial instrument, combining two markets: classic financial and new crypto currency. Due to a flexible business idea, the project easily adapts to the requirements of regulatory bodies in any country of the world, which allows for mutually beneficial integration with the real business in B2С, B2В and С2С sectors.”

The CREDO team plans to launch three rounds of token-sale – each for the unique business model:

  1. “Retail model” for B2С-market;
  2. “Tokenization model” for B2B-market;
  3. “Credit model” for С2С-market.

Each ICO-model of CREDO business involves the use of License-sale strategy: the owner of any number of tokens can become a member of a decentralized autonomous organization in the network Ethereum, which will receive a special collective license of the Partner.
Large investors will be included in a special partnership program, guaranteeing the Operator’s license on preferable terms.
CREDO tokens (CRD) will also be bound with the real capitalization of the company through a special algorithm that reflects the system parameters in the investor’s personal account.
Zurab Mahateli, Co-founder & Business Partner, USA said:

“CREDO suggests investing in an absolutely technically and legally ended system. The capitalization of CREDO will increase with the growth of the number of Clients and Partners, therefore the market rate of tokens will grow constantly.”

If funds are raised in the amount over 5.5 million USD, all investors will become co-founder of a specially created business unit with the Operator’s powers and will be entitled to regular payments of dividends.

Quick comparison of CREDO provided on the official ICO website.

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