Coinigy enables access to crypto exchange Liqui

Liqui, the Ukrainian headquartered crypto exchange has been added to cryptocurrency cloud trading platform Coinigy with full integration. Users of Liqui can now view all of their charts for analysis, attach an API account for balance tracking, and place orders and open positions with Liqui through the Coinify platform. To get started one just needs to add an API account from Liqui.

The Liqui platform has grown in popularity this year, they quickly list tokens of recently held ICOs, plus the platform is clean, streamlined and runs extremely fast with good volume.

The exchange has 34,154 registered users as of today and its volume during the past 24 hours is around 2695 BTC.

Liqui allows users to hold their BTC or ETH savings with the company, getting a healthy interest of 24% APR / 0.066% per day. Liqui is soon to be implementing a margin trading option, but is still under development with no specific date for rollout yet announced.

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