CoinDash receives investment from China's Fintech Blockchain Group

With its ICO forthcoming in mid-july, crypto-based social trading platform CoinDash announced their third significant institutional investment with Fintech Blockchain Group (FBG) joining in. The company first received investments from Coinsiliium, a blockchain accelerator for startups and blockchain focused hedge fund HyperChain Capital.
FBG is one of the largest crypto funds in China and officially became another one of CoinDash’s top tier investors this month. FBG is considered a crypto and blockchain investment powerhouse in China and has invested in projects such as iEx, Wings, Bancor, Status and others.
In addition to the investment, Vincent Zhou of Fintech Blockchain Group has joined the CoinDash advisory board. Vincent is a founding partner of FinTech Blockchain Group and an expert on digital currency trading as well as an active investor in the blockchain industry. As an early adopter of blockchain technology, Vincent will advise CoinDash in all matters related to the Chinese community and local strategy.
This month CoinDash plans to reveal more details about their approaching token sale, including specific dates when the sale is to take place, the amount planned to raise, and additional aspects of the sale.
It was also noted that registration is now open for CoinDash’s automated bounty platform. Bounty participants will be able to enter their bounty ETH address to which they wish to receive rewards and apply to all the campaigns currently participating in and many others.
Participants in the bounty program will be entitled to STARS which in turn will be converted into CDTs after the token sale is over.

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