FinShi Capital launches pre-ICO for new blockchain asset fund

Singapore-based FinShi Capital, a venture fund formed on blockchain technology is launching a new fund with a pre-ICO starting on Thursday, June 15th, it is their first fund formed of cryptocurrency and founded in alliance with Capinvest 21 and Asia LP.
It is the third Capinvest 21 fund to work with blockchain and financial technology. The fund plans to invest in a careful selection of projects to speed their development and improve their management.
FinShi says they were receiving lots of requests for funding from startups who use blockchain or cryptocurrency, but unfortunately couldn’t do that from a classic venture fund due to the legal restrictions. Thus, decided to form FinShi Capital, which now solves both of these problems.
Investors won’t need to research each startup themselves, they won’t have to play their hunches or rely on dissenting opinions which are out there, or have to monitor the market on a daily basis. According to the fund’s structure, the members of the FinShi team will get their profits alongside other investors, to ensure maximizing profits are in everyone’s interest.
FinShi Capital will have shares in real startups in tokens, which means investors who own the fund’s tokens will be shareholders of each company the fund invests in.
The fund will invest in 15 to 30 projects on seed and A rounds. The FinShi Capital’s team is already monitoring 30 promising non-public startups, some of which will be invested in after launch. The venture blockchain fund has set a goal to have around 520% per annual income.
The preliminary tokens sale, starts this month, with the first days of sale providing tokens at a considerable discount. Several institutional investors and the main Capinvest 21 fund reportedly have already pledged capital for the pre-ICO. Investors will be able to purchase tokens with most of the popular cryptocurrencies.

With ICOs more popular in the blockchain world. And the more popular it becomes, the more fraud projects appear. A lot of so called startups receive money from different investors and then never finish their projects. So we wanted to provide private investors with an opportunity to invest their money, their cryptocurrency, in carefully chosen promising projects with proper management.

FinShi Capital fund partner Vyacheslav Sorokin

All the details will be announced on the fund’s website.
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