Crypto exchange EXMO launches ETH/EUR, ETH/LTC and DASH/RUB

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange announced today new opportunities by introducing trading in ETH/EUR, ETH/LTC, DASH/RUB. Users can now buy and sell Ether (ETH) for EUR as well as ETH for Litecoin (LTC). Also, the ability to purchase and sell DASH for RUB.

The EXMO team said:

“EXMO does everything to promote transparency within the exchange. Each request or offer is evaluated on an individual basis. This is why after studying the major volume of user requests, these trading instruments have been included in the update.”

Quick integration of new crypto pairs is now possible thanks to EXMO’s new platform architecture which allows the company to add an unlimited amount of trading pairs. The new platform architecture and redesign went last month. EXMO already announced they are planning to add more popular crypto pairs in the near future.

Here is some more detailed information on some new aspects and key features of the updated “Buy & Sell” page:

Currency pairs configuration: this option allows to choose and lock the currency pairs in “Favorites”

Favorites: here, the active currency pairs are displayed. These can be individually changed by the user.

Show the price change within 24 hours: yet another new handy feature that allows tracking fluctuations in rates of the chosen currency pair.