NuMelo Technology hires Henryk Dabrowski to lead cryptocurrency initiative

NuMelo Technology (formerly Ciao Group) today announced bringing Henryk Dabrowksi on board to lead the company’s new Cryptographic Enterprises Division.
Mr. Dabrowksi comes to NuMelo after leading Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALTI) in the development and eventual cash sale of ALYI’s subsidiary mobile financial transaction software company, Utiba Americas.
Utiba remains today as one of the leading mobile financial remittance systems in the world.

Henryk Dabrowksi

Mr. Dabrowksi will now lead NuMelo’s development of blockchain and Bitcoin solutions in addition to pursuing other cryptocurrency and cryptographic technology enterprise solutions.
NuMelo’s new, recently announced Cryptography Division is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose.
Ciao Group is in the process of changing its name to NuMelo Technology first announced back in April as part of a business plan refresh. The refreshed business plan aims to concentrate on developing locally sourced technology and telecommunication services within frontier and emerging economic markets.

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